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5cm Artisan Gold Leaf Transfer Sheet

5cm Artisan Gold Leaf Transfer Sheet

Original Artisan Gold



Our Artisan Gold Leaf Transfer Sheet from Original Artisan Gold are made from gold that has been internationally certified edible. It is wrapped in a Japanese designed transfer film, where tiny static electrical shocks pass through to release the gold as it is pressed onto another surface. This ensures an effortless and perfectly smooth transfer of gold. The transparent transfer film also gives maximum visibility, giving you greater control. Touch the transfer sheet in spots to transfer as flakes

Brand: Original Artisan Gold

Country of Origin: Japan

Ingredients: Internationally certified edible gold - Food Safe ISO 22000:2005 & HACCP

Dimensions: 5cm by 5cm

Storage: Keep in a dry and cool environment. 

Suitable for: All kinds of sweets, baking, desserts, drinks

How to use:

For fondant
If the surface of the cake is too dry, please lightly wet the desired area with a brush or damp paper towel before application to achieve the best results. Do not oversaturate the surface, otherwise the gold leaf will not be able to transfer properly. Simply use your finger to apply light pressure to the back of the transfer sheet and wait for a moment to make sure the gold leaf has completely transferred.

For butter cream cakes
We recommend applying the transfer sheet just after the cake is taken out of the chiller so the surface of the cake is firm and not too soft/moist. It is better to use our loose leaf sheets for soft/moist surfaces.