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Art Deco Cake Stencil

Art Deco Cake Stencil

Belsize Cakes



Belsize Cakes' large designer stencils provide a fun and easy way to elevate your cake design! Great for both beginners and professionals, their stencils create beautiful depth and texture every time. Try smooth or rustic finish, tone-on-tone textures, contrast highlights, metallic spray for a gilded effect and much more. Great with any icing (buttercream, ganache, royal icing).

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- Type of cake to use on – buttercream (chilled), ganache, fondant.
- Type of icing to stencil - buttercream (Swiss, Italian, American), ganache, royal icing, edible metallic spray.
- Stencil can be used in its entirety or isolated elements for "spot stencilling", smooth or rustic.
- Easy Cleaning: Soak in baking tray or large bowl of warm soap water, then rinse under warm/hot tap water.

Dimensions: 24cm Height x 21cm Width (9.5" x 8.3"). Great for standard height to tall double barrel cakes.

*Please note dimension is different for the FLORAL MEDLEY design 
- 19cm Height x 18cm Width (7.5" x 7"), as it was designed to be more versatile where individual floral elements can be used separately when required.