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Happy Sprinkles



An enchanted, snow-covered landscape lies before you. She invites you on an adventure. A sprinkle of adventure in your kitchen. Take the beauty of winter and use it to enchant your creations while baking. No matter what you do, whether biscuits, pies, cupcakes or cakes, give them a sparkle. 

A sprinkle mix like from a fairy tale. With sugar pearls in white, silver and blue.

Country of Origin: Germany


Sugar, starch ( wheat , corn, rice), flour (malted wheat , rice, wheat ), wheat gluten , glucose, grape sugar, glucose syrup, coloring (E131, E133, E141, E171, E173, E174), vegetable oil (coconut, rapeseed) , vegetable fat (oil palm), emulsifier lecithin ( soy ), anti-caking agent talc, natural vanilla flavor, cocoa butter, whole milk powder , cocoa mass, cocoa fats, shine (E901, E903, E904), partially hydrogenated rapeseed oil, stabilizer (E414, E413), flavor, gelatine (Beef, fish ), salt. May contain traces of nuts and gluten (barley, oats, spelled, rye) 

Weight: 90g

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.