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PREORDER - Karat Cake

PREORDER - Karat Cake

PREORDER - Karat Cake




Note: This is a preorder. Preorder will close on 25th October. Stock will arrive 3 to 4 weeks after preorder closes.

Please cart other items out separately if you wish to receive them earlier. If not, we will only ship the entire order when stock for the preorder arrives.

These blend of vintage gold edible dragées are a showstopper! Perfect for embellishing your baked goods of any kind. 

★ Blend of 4 sizes of round dragées (2mm, 4mm & 7mm) PLUS vintage gold square dragées, vintage gold triangles and vintage gold rods. 

★ This product contains food colors (gold) not approved by the FDA, and therefore should be considered decoration only in the USA.

*Contains WHEAT AND SOY. May also contain trace amounts of milk, eggs & tree nuts. The metallic dragées contain silver colour classified as edible in Canada, Europe and most other countries, but not yet approved by the FDA (USA). 

*Disclaimer: Metallic dragées can be very hard and, as with any hard candy, they represent a choking hazard to small children and a risk to your teeth. Please consume these sprinkles with caution.

Weight: 100g

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

Suitable for: Garnish, Decoration