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Pastel Star Quins

Pastel Star Quins




*Please disregard BULK wording.

These premium PASTEL STAR QUINS are so much fun! They are so versatile and appealing with their crisp, sharp points. These sprinkles are candy-sweet and yummy on their own (and crunchy!). 

These stars are the perfect way to make any cake, cupcake, cookie, ice cream sandwich, chocolate bark or pretty much anything party-ready. 


Country of Origin: Canada

Ingredients: Icing sugar, modified corn starch, corn starch, fractionated palm kernel oil, cellulose gum, soya lecithin, vanillin, polysorbate 60, FD&C artificial colour, confectioners' glaze

*Contains soy. 

Weight: 73g

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

Suitable for: Garnish, Decoration