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Pink Peach Concentrated Paste

Pink Peach Concentrated Paste





Jupe Pink Peach Concentrated Paste is a highly concentrated dessert paste with pink peach flavour (reminds us of the Pink Dolphin drink!). Favoured by many Japanese pastry chefs, this paste imparts a delicate pink peach flavour to pastries and desserts, without leaving an artificial aftertaste. We love using this to flavour ganaches, Chantilly cream, and mousses. Because it is bake stable, it can also be used to flavour cake sponges. Use about 20% of Jupe to total flour weight. 

Country of Origin: Japan

Ingredients: Glucose, Sugar, Pink Peach, Colouring, Acidulant, Antioxidant, Carrageenan thickener

Weight: 100g

Storage: Keep Chilled.

Suitable for: Flavouring ganaches, Chantilly cream, mousses, cake sponges