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CakeSafe® Round Acrylic Disks 10.5inch

CakeSafe® Round Acrylic Disks 10.5inch




Use the CakeSafe® Acrylic Disks to achieve perfectly crisp edges on each tier. Each set of the Buttercream Acrylic Disks includes 2 disks with the size engraved. Each disk is also etched with a center marking and line around the edge to help you center your tier.

The disks will come with a center hole, which will help you to center your cake tiers with the use of a dowel, which is what some bakers prefer. This keeps the cake layers from shifting. Doing so may mean that you do not have to chill your assembled tier before icing. However you can choose to chill your tiers and never use the holes; it's all personal preference. The disks will come with the holes, but you don't have to use them.

Note - 

  • 10.5 inch disks means you will get a 0.5 inch thick layer of icing around a 10 inch size sponge.