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CakeSafe® The OG Icing Scraper

CakeSafe® The OG Icing Scraper




CakeSafe's OG Icing Scrapers are our original acrylic angled scraper. They come to a very precise point so you can obtain the smoothest icing. Bakers prefer our Icing Scrapers because they are clear so you can see what's happening to your icing on the other side of the scraper as you're working.

Since our OG Icing Scrapers come to such a thin edge, they are sharp and fragile. Handle with extreme care.

Smooth Icing Tip: Rest the sharp point against your icing with light pressure (the engraving is facing away from you). Hold the scraper at a 45 degree angle and keep the bottom of your scraper flat on your turntable. Keep your scraper in place and rotate your turntable. Heavy pressure will create air pockets and holes in your icing and take longer to smooth.

Hand wash with mild soap.