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Rolkem Super Gold

Rolkem Super Gold





Rolkem Super Gold is a non-toxic, glossy finish, dusting powder. It will provide a brilliant high shine result, and give your finished piece a beautiful metallic look. You can mix it with baker's alcohol and use as a paint, or dry brush this on fondant, gumpaste, icing, chocolate etc.

Please read before buying

In light of what has happened with the FSA, we are not selling this product as edible, but non-edible/non-toxic (craft/competition use only). We advice customers to only use it on parts of their creations that will not be consumed.

Rolkem remains a highly requested brand by many customers and that is why we are stocking it, but only in the non-edible category.

Brand: Rolkem

Country of Origin: South Africa

Weight: 50g

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.